Employee Communication Made Easy

Increasingly, businesses are becoming more global and more dispersed. Employees communicated via a variety of mobile platforms. Communicating effectively in a large and diverse network with thousands of machines and devices presents a significant challenge.

Unexpected disruptions can happen at any time and don’t always happen at convenient times. Successfully recovering from disruptions and continuing your business depends on rapid, targeted and effective communication. Whether your business is large, medium or small, whether it is public or private, there is a need to communicate quickly and effectively during an emergency to avoid turning it into a catastrophe. Events like system failure, severe storm, intrusion attempts, or physical threat need to be disseminated quickly, even in absence of a experienced staff.

Supro InfoTech AniComm offers a platform to communicate alerts and notifications to responsible parties. Sometimes the notification may a simple announcement meant for the masses, sometimes critical information needs to be sent to a small team. AniComm leverages all possible channels of communication including email, SMS and automated calls to rapidly notify your audience, whether large or small, stationary or on the go.

  • Emergency Notification
  • IT Alerting
  • Multilingual Support (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese)
  • Automatic Translation (English, Spanish, French, portuguese)
  • Multi-channel notification (Email, TXT, Call, RSS, IVR, and more)
  • Delivery Confirmation and Read Receipt
  • Multi-channel surveys and response record
  • Channel-specific message format
  • Automatic Ticket Creation
  • Subscription by Topic
  • Subscription for Groups
  • Rich format emails with corporate or departmental branding
  • Device/Channel priority
  • Geographically targeted recipients
  • Location check-In to indicate a temporary location
  • HRIS integration for up-to-date contact information
  • Schedule-based smart subscription groups
  • Employee Self-service portal
  • Secure single sign-on (SSO) for secure login without the need to type in user ID or password using industry standards
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Summary
  • Integration with ITSM tools
  • Custom message templates
  • Chain-of-command escalation on delivery failure
  • Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

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