Electronic Donation Management System (eDMS)
Data Collection and Reporting for non-profit

Supro InfoTech eDMS™, Electronic Donation Management System, is an ideal blend of features, functionality and technology for non-profit organizations looking for a high-performing, affordable, and scalable donation tracking solution. eDMS allows you to track donation transactions and provides business intelligence tools to generate reports, analyze trends and gain insight that help you grow your operational capacity. Built on the Microsoft family of products, eDMS offers:

  • Real-Time Donation Transaction Capture
  • Donor Loyalty Program
  • Electronic Donation Tax Receipt
  • Donor Demographic Information
  • Donor Engagement Platform
  • Integrated Donation Survey and Feedback
  • Donation Drives and Promotions
  • Donation Transfer Tracking
  • Interactive Dashboard Reports and KPIs
    • Donation Transaction
    • Donation Trend
    • Feedback Score
  • Support for Multiple Location Types
    • Store
    • Attended Donation Center
    • Unattended Donation Center
    • Donation Drive
  • Support for Multiple Hardware Platforms
    • Kiosk
    • Mobile Device
    • Workstation
  • Remote Management of Terminals
  • OTA Software Updates
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Works out-of-box